Earth Keepers

“As hosts of the nationally syndicated environmental radio program "Earth Watch," the editors of this book have inspired conservationists and activists alike. Included in this book are the refreshing topics of Native American values, endangered species, environmental self-education, environmental ethics, green politics, and the future quest for environmental issues. A useful sourcebook for the general public and the specialist…”
— eScholarship
This book includes some of the most compelling interviews from the 150 I did during the years I hosted the EarthWatch Radio Series. A takeaway for me in doing the research for this book is the importance of early experiences in nature so that we grow up feeling connected to this earth, and that we belong here. The subjects of the interviews in this book each had early, intimate experiences in nature, and it shaped their lives in profound ways and eventually led them to being protectors of the natural world. How would our world be different, I wonder, if in some near future all young people experienced intimate nature and became it’s protectors? It be wonderful to find out.