Soup’s Better World

“These stories of our humane beingness comfort us to the core. In simple acts of essential humanity, we find where we all belong.”
—RAFI Cavoukian, C.M. Singer,Composer
“Many of these stories brought tears to my eyes: they cut across all barriers, because they speak to that common strain of humanity in all of us, to the original innocence and spontaneous compassion which lies—albeit sometimes dormant—in the heart of every human being.”
—Pierre Pradervand, author, The Gentle Art of Blessing
“Life on earth is sacred, and we’ve got to learn to live in peace with each other. We can fix everything in the world if we decide to do it! This book’s powerful stories will surely inspire readers to do just that—to right the wrongs in our world!”
—Helen Caldicott, M.D., Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
This compilation celebrated the franchise's 100th title. It includes stories by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Naht Han, author and peace activist Howard Zinn, former President Jimmy Carter and others who have inspired peace, reconciliation, and other forms of positive change in the world. I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be chosen to contribute two stories to be featured alongside these renowned change makers.
— Leslie