Winner, Best of Festival -U.S. Environmental Film Festival

“Five stars. An excellent work...Highly recommended for purchase by libraries and schools.”
— Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“Captures the startling innocence of a people who…have never seen anyone other than fellow Yanomami, let alone a video camera.”
— Los Angeles Times

“Humanizes the people who live in the forest....”
— Jeanne Sauer, Coordinator, U.S. Environmental Film Festival

My dear friend and filmmaker Rudy Vargas and editor Rick Cass and I made this film to help shine a light on the plight of the Yanomami people who’s way of life was being threatened by the influx of gold miners from Brazil and Venezuela. We were shocked and humbled that our labor of love—an admittedly low-budget documentary amidst a wide field of well-financed and visually stunning documentary works—won both its Documentary category and Best Film at the U.S. Environmental Film Festival. This speaks to how the story of people struggling to maintain their land, culture, and way of life in a changing world deeply touches our own experience. This theme is as relevant today as it was when we made this film.